36rb.com does not in any way host, save or cache any music or video material on its servers. 36rb.com uses third party API (hereinafter named the "Source") like youtube.com, dailymotion.com and others to stream music videos from their servers. 36rb.com does comply with the terms of service and policies of the "Source".

Hence, 36rb.com is not, in any way, responsible for the music content or video material that is being streamed on its pages since 36rb.com does not own, control or have direct access to the music and hence can not remove or block copyright infringement material.


36rb.com does not provide any music or video files download directly to the end user, does not host any MP3 files on its servers. 36rb.com is an affiliate partner of external providers like Amazon.com and iTunes.com.

In case of copyright infringement material, you are kindly requested to contact the "Source" and file a copyright infringement material with the "Source".

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